Thursday, January 26, 2012

Starting the build

Well if you're anything like me and like to watch sex machines videos and/or wanted to have you or your partner use one, you have probably looked into purchasing one. And let me tell you if you haven't checked they are in fact really pricey.

So being a mechanic in the past and having some pretty good handyman skills, I dove into the research of making one for myself. What i found in fact was very few websites or forums that give any type of information or a set of blue prints.

I believe if your trying to make money on the product then sure by all means keep it to yourself, but I thought for sure with everything that is on the web, somebody would post some helpful info. What actually happened was me coming up with a fairly inexpensive way to build a rocker glider type machine.

If you haven't seen the monkey rocker, or some other types of glider machines, they are really cool looking and work well, and is powered by the rider. But even these machines come at a $800 price tag.

So off I go to craigslist and find a nice glider that came with a glider ottoman, for a nice little 20 bucks!

I was just after the glider but after the misses, the one who doesn't mind me building and ultimately riding this thing, sat on this the ottoman was actually a better fit. Its 21 and a half inches across and 13 inches high.

So for just 20 dollars I have my base and can start disassembling and measuring the dimensions for the rocker section and the part that will hold the dildo. I am gonna go from scratch on this and only using pictures of other machines to get an idea want i need to do.

I will be using a piece of white pine that is 1" x 12" x 4', this is a soft wood that is easy to cut and should make getting this thing up and working fairly fast. After I get an idea I plan on using a hardwood and using the pine pieces as templates.

I will add pictures tomorrow and will hopefully get a video of it in action. I will give as much info that I have and give you the details where I got the parts and peices that I use.

Until then,
The Toy Maker.